Solvenda was founded in 2016 by Fredrik Idréus, Nils Blomgren and Mikael Parknert. Our goal is to have as much fun as possible. Fun for us is when we solve problems in our customers’ IT environments.

Nils Blomgren

Nils is our  SharePoint and Office 365 specialist. He has been working with IT since 2004, primarily with development and maintenance in Microsoft’s environments.

In addition, he has been involved as a technical specialist in several procurement of IT systems, and is well aware how claim work is done.

Fredrik Idréus

Fredrik is a senior consultant with a background in IT architecture and operational safety and IT security expertise.

He is top notch, when it comes to operation and management of networks, firewalls, databases and servers (Windows and Unix).

Mikael Parknert

Mikael is an experienced IT architect who primarily enjoy to optimize databases and establish communication between different services and applications.