SharePoint and Office 365

Let your users become more productive and efficient, no matter what devices they are working on. Into the bargain, you will get rid of time-consuming server updates.

We start by identifying what needs and conditions you have. If SharePoint and/or Office 365 are right for you, we help you with migration and support.

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App development

We can develop applications that for example solves a challenge or streamlines a process. It can be a service that helps different systems to talk to each other, a new feature that integrates into an existing environment or an application that can facilitate migration to new systems.

We simply develop the functionality you need.

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Performance Analysis

With our performance analyzes you can:

  • Identify performance problems
  • Follow up your SLA levels
  • Check suppliers’ SLA levels

A performance analysis can help you find the cause a known problem. We can also do regular analyzes for a long period of time, helping you avoid future problems.

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Problem solving

If your IT environment does not work optimally, we look for the cause of the problems and propose a solution. No matter where the source of the problems is – the code, database or infrastructure – we will solve it and make sure everything is working properly.

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